That night, he decided to send her a text There’s nothing there yet So what if nothing is understood? She told me I met her quite accidently And then she spoke about all of her loves What are you drawing all the time? It’s all up to us There are two paths in life


In the summer There’s no evading happiness If I were the postman Morgenluft Saint Francis So I’m writing about her again It’s a good thing the port’s open every day I got right down to it


Life usually ends Light burned through the night ‘til morning On the road so long None of us know The words that explain everything C’mon, say something to her, stop I didn’t have time to say it that night


No past exists Pronounce me, like the name of an illness The snow begins to fall when you’re asleep Meanwhile So much rain


What you said is absolutely right How did it all begin? And then she says Swim, fish, swim
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